Nutrition education including 3 week sugar detox. Course is 5 weeks (1 night weekly) including course materials, cookbook and journal….$199.99

Restart Program

Nutrition class with materials and online support (5 weekly meetings)


Curious if this is a fit for you? First of all I am a nutritionally trained practitioner. I am not a medical doctor. I don’t diagnose or treat specific medical conditions but seek to complement your current medical care routine….not to replace it.

Together we will identify underlying imbalances that can or have led to health issues or disease. We will work to correct these nutritional imbalances with a personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol.

To learn more about how I can help you and decide which option below is best suited to your individual situation, schedule a free call now.

Nutritional Therapy Sessions

Single Nutritional Counseling Visit

If you’re looking for basic nutrition, lifestyle and supplement guidance, this is where to start. You will complete a detailed health history, 5-day food journal and symptom assessment. We will then meet for a 90 minute appointment to review the information and build a protocol that fits your particular needs. You can proceed with individual appointments or select from a plan below.

Single Nutritional Therapy Visit


12-Week Nutritional Therapy Package

This is a perfect next step if from the Single Nutritional Therapy Visit or to continue from your Restart Program upon completion. It takes time and effort to make the changes you are undertaking become lifestyle and ongoing support definitely helps. The same intake process applies to this package as the single visit plus you will get 3 follow-up appointments. In those appointments we will check in to see how you are doing with the protocol and make any necessary adjustments. This will also include a functional evaluation to determine if there are any weaknesses that need to be specifically supported.

12-Week Nutritional Therapy Package


Additional Options for Local Clients include

Grocery store education tour/visit $50 for one hour with 12-week program purchase

Pantry cleanout $50 for one hour with 12-week program purchase

For Clients outside the area

Don’t live in the area or are unable to make in-person visits? You can still benefit from Nutritional Therapy. The only element that would not be included would be the functional evaluation. There is a still a wealth of information that we can review from the detailed health history, food journal and symptom assessment to help support you on your journey to support your good health.

Remote Client 12-Week Nutritional Therapy Package


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