My Story

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and fitness. In 2018 though, it became even more important as my husband and my Dad received cancer diagnoses that year. That inspired me to become a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner so I could help others support their health and wellness. I graduated as a NTP in 2019.

My Dad lost his battle with cancer 7 months after being diagnosed. I watched him feel helpless about having little control over what was happening to him. I now remember conversations we’d had over the past several years with a degree of sadness. He had “chalked up” a lot off the issues he was having as “just part of getting older”. Since going through my NTP training though I’m not sure that I agree with his assessment and only wish I had had more knowledge then to help him.

However, I am fortunate to be surrounded by some seniors who don’t abide by that philosophy of life. They are vibrant, active and can physically outlast some of the younger “whipper snappers” who participate in their active outings with them! I found that very intriguing….and sad for Dad and for others who might just accept things as a natural part of getting older. I am passionate about helping others, including myself, to use nutrition, lifestyle and appropriate supplements to support a healthy, active life long into the future!

My husband, I am happy to say is cancer free at this point and is actively pursuing nutrition and lifestyle changes to help keep him that way. He’s an eager and cooperative “client” for me. I’m grateful to have gained knowledge to help support him in his journey. I am also gratefule to many friends who were “practice clients” and encouragers to me on my journey to becoming an NTP.

Through my journey I have come to envision a time where people embrace nutrition as the major way to support their health. I dream of a time when the diseases of society today become predominantly a distant memory. Where people are vibrant, active, joyful and full of life at every stage of life! No longer is “getting older” what is accepted as the normal reason for ailments as we age.

I invite you to join me on this journey!

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